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Miyānkāle peninsula is a narrow but long peninsula in Māzandarān Province in the north of Iran situated in the extreme south-eastern part of the Caspian Sea. The long and narrow peninsula is 48 km long, and between 1300 and 3200 meters wide.
Miankaleh peninsula sets apart the Gorgan Bay from the Caspian Sea. The elevation of the peninsula from the sea level is 23 meters and four villages are situated on it namely: Ashuradeh, Qezel-e shomali, Qezel-Mehdi and Qavasatl. The city situated at the opposite side of the peninsula’s end is Bandar Torkaman. The island of Ashuradeh lies off the eastern tip of the peninsula. The peninsula is located in Behshahr County.

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Siberian Tiger Introduction Project
One of the indigenous predators of Iran, the Caspian tigers used to live in north-western to north-eastern parts of the country. In 2010, a pair of Siberian tigers were sent from Russia to Iran’s Tehran Zoological Garden in exchange for their Persian leopards. The Amur tigers currently in captivity are set to be reintroduced in the wild to replace the Caspian tigers at the Miankaleh peninsula.[5] Iran received two more pairs of Siberian tigers in 2012
Migratory birds migrate from Siberia in the autumn and winter to miankaleh. The bird like . mute swan,whooper, ducks, heron.

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